Don’t waste a bunch of weed on inedible treats.

Edibles are great in theory. You can bring them to a party. You can eat them on the go. You can even bring ’em on an airplane. But, they’re also really easy to mess up. And anyone who is new at baking them well, let’s just say, there’s a good chance they’ll end up stinking up their house for something burnt that doesn’t get them high. Let us help you avoid those rookie mistakes.

1. Don’t eat raw weed.

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If your plan is to get high, raw weed isn’t a good way to get there. The THC in marijuana has to be decarboxylated before it will get you properly high. Decarboxylation may sound complicated, but it isn’t. Cannabis can simply be oven heated at a low temperature. Thirty to 45 minutes at 250 degrees F (120 degrees C) will do the trick. It is absolutely crucial, however, not to overheat your weed. That can destroy the cannabinoids so that it doesn’t get you high. If you want to take away the guesswork, get something like a Magical Butter DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack. This handy pack includes a temperature probe/thermometer that will alarm if a set temperature is exceeded. It also includes a handy silicone box in which to enclose your weed while decarbing it. This will help prevent the loss of delicate, aromatic terpenes which potentiate the high.

2. Don’t grind your weed too finely.

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You don’t need powdered weed to make infused edibles. It just needs to be coarsely ground to make the cannabinoids available. If you’re using a coffee grinder or (especially) a food processor to grind the weed, you must be extra careful not to grind it too finely. Powdered weed makes the edibles taste extra grassy and green.

3. Don’t cook at too high a temperature.

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People make this mistake all the time. Lower cooking temperatures are better when infusing with cannabis. THC is destroyed by temperatures about 392 degrees F, but it starts to degrade long before then. Prudent stoners don’t go above 350 to 375 degrees to make sure they preserve the all-important THC. Adjust the recipe if necessary. For instance, if 400 degrees is called for, cook the dish a little longer at 375.

4. Evenly distribute; stir well.

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When adding infused oil or cannabutter to a recipe, make sure it is evenly distributed throughout the ingredients. Having unevenly distributed psychoactive ingredients can mean some people might feel nothing while others get zonked.

5. Don’t overindulge.

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Resist the temptation to eat too much of the edibles you’ve just prepared. Nobody wants to pull a Maureen Dowd. Sure, you’re excited, and those treats smell and taste good. But even if you’re an experienced smoker, edibles are a whole other ballgame.

Eaten cannabis sometimes takes more than an hour to kick in—and by that time, many an impatient stoner has eaten enough for several doses. Having said all that, the worst that can happen through overindulging in edibles is becoming uncomfortable, disoriented, or paranoid from the high dose of THC. You’ll be fine once the effects wear off, and they always do. Until then, a meal (not more infused edibles) and a nap will do you good. So will a dose of pure CBD, if you have any (it helps mellow and reduce the effects of THC.)